Group Project Market Research and Strategy

– Answer these question in the context of covid-19 in UCMerced to look at what behavior you are going to change

– refer tot he pdf link of instructions

Group Project: COVID-19 Market Research and Strategy Worksheet

Market Strategy

A market strategy is a plan of action for your entire social marketing program. Market strategy encompasses the specific target audience segment(s), the specific desired behavior change goal, the benefits you will offer, and the interventions that will influence or support behavior change.

Make a list of the primary audience segments you could target. Define each segment in terms of:

Demographics (e.g., age and race/ethnicity) refer to

Behavioral determinants that distinguished “doers” from “non-doers” of your health behavior.

Describe the benefits you will offer:

Write your behavior change goal(s)

Who? (specific audience segment)

Will do what? (specific behavior)

Under what conditions? (when and where)

In exchange for? (benefits)

Select intervention(s) you will develop for your program and goal for each if more than one.

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