Greek Life Discrepancies

You will propose a theory-based intervention(s) and provide the logic of why the intervention(s) should work. How the intervention(s) will begin to solve the intractable problem. How the intervention(s) will improve learning opportunities and outcomes to address disparities that affect historically marginalized groups. A description of how systems of power should (re)shape policies and practices.
Extra Credit will be awarded to innovative approaches that combine technology, active engagement toward student development, in urban settings.
Refer to the rubric for more information about assignment details and expectations.
Due: December 9th Length: about 4 pages of narrative
1. One Page Overview slide ( the same slide you did before)
2. Case Study Background + Paper Road Map
3. Bronfenbrenner + Stakeholder Analysis (already completed just need to add the edits)
4. Specific Student Group + Theory Application + Implications/Conclusion + 10 Questions + Title Page and References Points: 20 (20% of total grade)

Please just reference the
2 papers added and add on the 4 pages to it. I am attaching the 6 pages to help with the next 4 pages.
please see the rubric for grading

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