Government and Politics final paper

Instructions for Government and politics final paper
1.    Choose a topic from the list provided you below as the topic for your final paper.  Once you have selected a topic submit summary and scope of your research idea that includes the following
3.    Constitutions are critical to achieving an understanding of government.  Is this true? What role do constitutions play in democracies?  Compare and contrast two democratic countries where constitutions have: (1) helped the democratic process; (2) have not helped the democratic process enough.  Discuss the success and failures of both governments.
Final paper summary
    Comparing two of the worlds most powerful nations constitution, the United States and China. History of the constitutions and how it affects, the people and business dealings of the two nations around the world.
    Also, how the two constitutions differ from each other.
    Democratic character of both constitutions.
    Concept of the constitutions.
    A look at the supreme authority of the constitutions.

1.    Final Paper Guidelines    
3.    Your paper should:
    –  Follow APA style format.
    –  Include: Title Page, Abstract and Reference Page.
    –  Be typed double space, 12″ font, 1″ margins.   

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