Gothic and unrealistic elements in the novel “Jane Eyre”

Analyze and point out gothic and unrealistic elements in the novel Jane Eyre.

Look for the following gothic elements in the story:
Setting old mansion, gloomy castle, ruins.
Isolated protagonist, a maiden who is a virgin, and virgin who the hero must save.
Hero witty, brave, curious, noble, breaking norms.
Villan some kind of Tiran, some kind of ready to kidnap.
An oil often a melder woman, someone was standing in the way or unwillingly helping a villain.
Element of fear, miraculous survivor, weak or corrupted ori n some other way spiled clargiman.
Supernatural elements prophets, prophetic dreams, dangerous secrets.
Ends with a reunion with loved ones.
Unbelievable quincedences.

Support your statement and proof of element by the quote from the story, which clearly shows it.
If you can add any other gothic element which is not mentioned in the list above, you are welcome to do so.

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