God and Black Theology

Read God and Black Theology,  downloadby James H. Cone. Do research on your own to learn about Cone and be prepared to answer questions about him if asked. Your submission should be at least 800 words long.

First, outline the argument of the subsection entitled Liberation and Black Theology (pp. 407-409). Summarize its conclusion in one sentence and each of the supporting premises in a sentence. If a premise is implied, label it as such. For example:

Conclusion: Your sentence summarizing the conclusion goes here.

Premise 1: Your sentence summarizing the premise goes here.

Premise 2: Another summarized premise goes here, adding additional premises as needed.

Premise 3: (implied) If you find an implied premise, label it as such and then summarize it. 

Second, respond to the following questions:

What is the main purpose of the essay?
What is the most important information in this essay? What are the key concepts for understanding the essay?
What does Cone mean by the term liberation?
Cone argues that God cannot be both for us and for white oppressors at the same time. What are his reasons for this claim, and what is your assessment of his reasoning?
Throughout the essay, Cone uses the terms blackness and whiteness. What does he mean by those terms, and to what extent do you agree with his conceptualization of them? If God exists, do you agree with Cone that God is black? Why or why not?

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