Globalization FP

First, provide a historical overview and theoretical foundation for globalization. How does globalization affect your everyday life?

Select a single aspect of globalization we studied in this course (multiculturalism; securitization of migration; cultural paradigms; conflict/assimilation/hybridization; populism, nationalism, internationalism, economic interdependence) that you consider as most important. Discuss its influence on your immediate surroundings and include specific examples in your paper.

Next, include a strategic vision of your own participation in the globalization processes you could personally take regarding a specific problem or situation in your community or political unit.

Analyze three dimensions of globalization we covered in class: regional, human, and cultural. Which one of them do you consider as the most significant for you and why? Include specific examples in your paper.

Finally, conclude the paper with a summary and reflection of your individual cultural competencies. How has your understanding of diverse cultural environments changed?

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