global warming and climate change

Write a 1000-word argumentative paper in which you explore whether or not and to what extent global warming and climate change are an insistent problem and a real threat. Your paper should revolve around a thesis, discuss the weakness of counter-arguments and provide well supported arguments for your position. Your paper needs to draw on academic research.

Your paper should:

Have a clear position and a well-articulated thesis
Have well supported arguments in support of your position
Have critical discussion of counter-arguments or opposing views along
Have an introduction (a paragraph) (you need to underline your thesis)
Have a brief conclusion (2-3 sentences)
Be structured around strong and coherent paragraphs
Draw on the library research you have conducted
Use 4-5 short, well-integrated quotations (of no more than a sentence each). For instructions on APA in-text citations, see textbook, chapter 5, page 516.
Provide a list of references or bibliography (3 academic sources, specifically academic journal articles), using APA Style. For instructions on APA Style for journal articles, see Chapter 60, section on Print Periodicals, subsection 16-17, page 526.

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