Global Management

Please answer EACH question in 5-8 sentences****!!! and use the following criteria/instruction:

The questions below are meant to gauge your opinion and have you interact with your fellow classmates. Read the question and respond in 5-8 sentences which must include your opinion, examples and supporting details.

Let’s say you’re the executive Vice President for a global company trying to gain footing in China. Because of local regulations, you decide to look at midsize companies you could potentially acquire. In the negotiation process, what type of persuasion techniques would you use? How does negotiating with a Chinese company differ from negotiating with an American company?

Read the article, “A Strategic Mistake That Still Haunts JC Penney” by Panos Mourdoukoutas on Forbes. Wrong Strategies or lack of a strategy can have long term effects on any company. How did a wrong strategy lead to JC Penney’s demise?

Why is Fenty able to stay relevant cross cultures around the world? Especially in conservative cultures in Europe and the Middle East?

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