Global Expansion of a chosen Company

Using Wall Street Journal and any other current professional/reputable publication, research a company which does business locally but expanded internationally.

Throughout this course, you will be using the company you choose for further assignments. Therefore, choose your company carefully and feel free to consult with me on your choice. (Amazon is a good choice)

Globalization and technology developments have led to some significant changes in the global economy.

Your first paper should encompass the following items.

1. Discuss the importance of such changes to the United States.
2. What is the impact upon your chosen company’s supply chain?
3. Describe how the growth in international trade enabled your companies global    expansion.
4. Describe if your company outsources some functions and why or why not.

Your response must be in brief business writing format and organization with headings. Brevity is rewarded. Use at least 3 outside sources cited within the paper.

This is NOT an essay style paper! Brief business writing style: Be straight to the point when answering the issue, without unnecessary information, and distractions. 

Suggestions of references:

Global consumer demographics, World Bank:

Country profiles, United Nations:

International trade regulations, developments and disputes, World Trade Organization:

The leading 500 global organizations, Financial Times (you must agree to cookie policy to view):

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