Genetics and its role in cancer studies

Paper may be on a topic of your choice.  Here are some guidelines:50ptsMinimum of 6 pages, maximum 12 pages (be complete and concise and include only relevant information. Number of pages does notinclude pictures, figures or graphs.  Choose any topic that relates to Genetics (diseases, cancer…etc) or you can choose from the Special Topics section beginning on page 661 Includes a minimum of 4 references at least 3 scientific research articles indexed in Pubmed can summarize or explain topic and be an informative, persuasive, storybased, or some other method of your choosing. Ensure that the method is approved by the teacher.  Must include reference page (reference page not counted toward page minimum (in other words, if you have 5 pages of double spaced text and a reference page as your 6th page, you do not meet the minimum requirements for this assignment and points will be deducted)

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