Future of journalism

Write an essay of about 1,000 words on what you think journalism/the information ecosystem will look like in the year 2040 and why.

I’m looking for you to make references to history in order to make your argument, providing information and arguments about why some things will change, why some things will stay the same.

You need to use THREE references from material in-class — material from my talks or from the readings, audio files or videos posted — and TWO references to material you have found on your own.

Your essay doesn’t have to be about all of journalism. You could write strictly about video, photography, social media, podcasts, or any specific segment within journalism that you want to focus on.

You may use the following article on predictions about the future as a basis for the essay. You could pick any one of these and build an essay from that. (Citing from this article does NOT count as any of your five required references.)

https://www.niemanlab.org/collection/predictions-2020/ (Links to an external site.)

I have attached two readings and a lecture below.

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