Frida Kahlo

Although much has been written recently about this extraordinary woman, Frida Kahlo’s art and life continue to fascinate the world.  Her life was very turbulent. She married Diego Rivera, Mexico’s famous artist. I hope this discussion board will add greatly to the understanding of her unique and powerful vision and her enormous courage in the face of more than thirty-five operations to correct injuries she had sustained in an accident at the age of eighteen. When she saw herself, she painted and she painted because she was alone and she was the subject she knew best. Many of her treasured artworks were self-portraits.

Born with the Revolution, Frida Kahlo both mirrors and transcends the central event of twentieth-century Mexico. She mirrors it in her pictures of suffering, destruction, bloodshed, mutilation, loss, but also in her image of humor, gaiety, that so distinguished her painful life. All together, these expressions make her fantastically, unavoidably, dangerously, symbolic – or is it symptomatic? -of Mexico.

Please view her works online.

“I am the disintegration.”– Frida Kahlo

Now, what do you think of her statement: “I am the disintegration.” After viewing her art and reading about her, what do you think her statement means?

Please describe her work and answer this question in a minimum of 250 words.

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