Formal Report on issue dealing with professional sales

For this assignment, you are to research an issue or problem relating to your major or career. Select a problem or issue in your major that you find interesting and want to learn more about. If you are currently employed, you could look to address an issue or problem with the current corporation that you are working for. It needs to be a relevant topic that allows you to think critically about the development and potential solutions.

In this paper, you will need to use a minimum of six outside sources. Five of the six sources need to be within the last five years. One of the sources needs to be a primary source or an interview of an expert in that field. You will need to cite your sources throughout the paper, and then reference them at the end of the paper. Use APA style formatting for this paper, especially when citing your sources. Your sources need to be relevant and valid. One of the best ways to gather academic sources is through Google Scholar. Using websites such as Wikipedia, HowStuffWorks,, or Reddit are not proper sources.

Parts of the Report

1. Cover page
2. Table of contents 1 page
3. Executive summary of the paperPurpose and Problem, Conclusions, Recommendations 1-1.5 pages
4. Body (which includes the introduction, questions, purpose statement, sections of the report, conclusions, and recommendations)5-6 pages
5. Add a graphic or a figure to your paper.  Keep within the 1″ margins.  Use word wrap to wrap the text around the graphic.
6. References 1 page

Additionally, there are some guidelines to consider for this report

Guidelines for Preparing Report

The body of the report is to be double spaced.
Use a serif font, preferably Times New Roman, or Cambria. 12-point
Use 1″ margins. 
Page numbers are to be keyed at the bottom center of the page.
Change the paragraph spacing before and after 10 pt. to 0 pt. (Go to Ribbon, click on Paragraph, change Spacing)
REMEMBER:  Do not use “it, this, and there” in your writing.  These words cause confusion rather than adding clarity to your messages.
Direct quotes are okay to have “it,” “there,” and “this” in the quote.
No use of I, You, We, Us, or Me until the Conclusions and Recommendation sections.
Type of Report

The report is a recommending report.  You must quote or paraphrase every source you put on your references page. Report on your findings. Draw conclusions from the findings you obtain (facts from secondary sources and from your primary source). Make a recommendation.

Upload your final paper as a Word file, or a .pdf here to Canvas.

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