Formal Proposal

You are the chief operating officer (COO) of Training World, Inc., an international workplace training organization, located at 9476 Henderson Highway in Charlotte, North Carolina 28213.  With over 200 full-time and part-time employees, your company handles training and development in in the health care field.
You have spoken with Ms. Jocelyn Hightower, director of Human Resources at Central Dallas Medical Center (CDMC) at 14763 Main Street in Dallas, Texas 75208, about a three-day training program for all employees at that medical facility. 
Choose a topic with which you are most familiar that would be appropriate for the employees of CDMC and submit a 7-8 page formal proposal addressing the training you could offer, the purpose and benefits of that training, and the cost for the three-day training that you propose. 
Your proposal must include the following elements:
    Title page
    Executive summary
    Table of Contents
    Headings throughout your proposal
You must support the importance of this training by citing no fewer than three authoritative sources.  Those sources must be cited in-text and fully referenced as the last page of your proposal.

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