Forensic Assessment Validity and Reliability

Add on to the pages that you have in previous order to make it 20 pages.
For your major project in this course, you will be writing a 20 page paper on one of the following categorie of psychological testing: Forensic Assessment

In your major paper, you will complete a literature review that includes at least ten peer-reviewed articles related to the following issues.  At least eight of the sources must be empirical research articles.

Address the following issues for each category of psychological testing:
    History of assessment related to your topic
    Reliability and validity of the most frequently used assessment instruments
    Validation of assessment instruments in multicultural settings and special populations
    Typical settings in which assessment instruments are used
    Typical purposes for which assessment instruments are used

At the end of the reference page include an outline of the paper with the topics and subtopics that where indicated in the paper.

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