Food and Nutrient Consumption

Throughout this course youve had the opportunity to learn about economics and delve into Policy as it pertains to health care. Now its time for you to create an intervention! At this stage of the course your thoughts about health policy should have changed, evolved, and clarified. Now is your chance to put them on paper. Lets do it!

You are responsible to choose ONE objective from the Exhibit 10.1 of Healthy People 2020.You will choose your financing options, consider the economics behind the objective, and develop an outline of the proposed intervention and pitch it your designated local, state, or federal representative.

Your paper should be, professional, well organized, and logical to support your viewpoints and purpose clearly. The paper should be written in APA format, include at least four references, and should be 3-4 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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