financial review

Using a Word document, complete the following steps in current APA format1.  Analysis of Financial Processes and Operations: Conduct a needs assessment of financial funding of programs within a chosen school. Use actual data from an existing school. Gather multiple appropriate data sources and evaluate them with the goal of improving financial management of operational systems. Critically analyze at least 3 school processes and operations. 2.  Strategic and Tactical Challenges: Identify 3 possible financial needs that could be addressed, projecting how these might be problematic in the future if not addressed. These must be strategic and tactical challenges and not merely superficial symptoms. 3.  Prioritized Challenges Resulting in Operational Policies and Procedures:Identify which of the 23 possibilities would be the most important to address first. List at least 2 operational policies or procedures that you believe would offer a sustainable solution to the challenge. The assignment should be a minimum of 1000 words.  The assignment should be in the correct current APA format including a title page and reference page.

Use Shadow Oaks Elementary in Spring Branch Independent School District in Houston, Texas

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