Finance Corpoaration

Prepare a final research paper (6-7 pages double-spaced) on the following topics, using examples/cases of real companies.
1. Forecasting incremental Earnings
2. Operating vs Capital Expenditures
3. Incremental Revenue & Cost Estimates
4. Capital Expenditures & Depreciation
5. Calculating NPV
6. Opportunity and Sunk Costs

Read before you begin composing your paper. This template explains the details of your Assignment Submission and grading.
Written paper/case study analysis assignments will be evaluated based on the following scale.
See the GETTING STARTED Tab for a link to PURDUE OWL APA STYLE for proper use of APA
Use of proper APA writing style – This means all submissions must adhere to the required in-text citations and a reference list for all submissions: in-text citations for the six subtopic in Detailed Discussion are worth 15% including the general conclusion, Introduction and Summary are worth 5% and the reference list is worth 5%.

Subheadings (This means that all assignments must have the required subheadings listed 1-5 below starting with the introduction).


1.  Introduction of Topic and Facts as presented in the case  (paraphrased). The discussion of the case is grounded in the facts as presented. Therefore, you must discuss the core of the case with in-text citations.

2. A summary of the area(s) of Finance  (this area must conform to Financial Management with examples to justify understanding). A financial area is your understanding of a description of the topic area and what FASB and Financial Management states as the main points of the topic of finance.
3. A Detailed Case Discussion 
Essay responses are composed in this section with the respective subtopic. You may select your own subtopics.  However, in-text citations are required. In addition, the use of three current or other sources on the topic must be used in this section.

Subtopic 1
Subtopic 2
Subtopic 3
Subtopic 4

4. Personal conclusion to the case

5. General Conclusion



The acceptable number of pages for case study assignments range between a minimum of two to three full double-spaced pages (six -seven for final papers), depending on the content.  This does not include cover and reference pages.  For all assignments, you must incorporate at least three sources that provide rationale or support for the topic under discussion.  Your submission must include a cover page with the name of the course, your name, the instructor’s name, title, and the date.

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