Final Sales Presentation

Objective: Open this online and carefully outline the steps necessary to draft the right sales presentation to the right prospect that has the ability to buy and the need of your product.

Scenario: You have just been hired as an account executive for the Sony Corp. in the Video/Monitor/Electronics division. Your territory is from Modesto to Sacramento. You have completed a training course with Sony, which covered the Back Wheel skills associated with Sony. You are now aware of your products features/benefits, company history, warranties and your competition. Your company has provided you with a manual, price list, referral list of previously sold large accounts, brochures, and service records. You have not been trained on sales skills by Sony because you were hired as an experienced salesperson having had this course.

Situation: In reviewing your new job with a former fellow student of the college, you discover that the college district is in need of new electronic projection equipment. This is the type of account you are to cover and generate new business from. Your records indicate your territory is servicing Modesto Community College for the same equipment. In reviewing sales records you find in the notes that NEC, EPSON and SONY competed for the business in Modesto and SONY was awarded the contract. You have made a call to a former professor who referred you to the purchasing director of the College District. You have learned the director himself is a director communication style with a supportive communication style administrative assistant. The decision on this equipment is to be made in one week and NEC has already presented their proposal. You do not know the actual prices but records show NEC generally will come in with a higher bid price than Sony but offered 4K in Modesto. You may make whatever other assumptions you feel you need to achieve your goal.

Task: Get the business.

Review: How are you going to get the appointment? What other information do you need and how will you get it? Using the 6 step Presentation Strategy Checklist from your Selling Today text, put together the mental discussions you would have with yourself over the decisions you will need to make. You should review the text, articles and internet to get prepared. Remember, I cannot read your mind so the more I see your decision making process the more I know you have learned. The task is to get the business. If you need to work with actual numbers, make them up with educated guesses from your research. Good luck, I know you will do well.

(1)Typed (word processed), 12-point font size
(2) Font Type (Times New Roman or Arial)
(3) Length: 6 full pages (Plus the Sources Page) (single-space with double-space between paragraphs and category titles)
(4) Format: use the block style and…left-margin alignment …no indent of paragraphs
(5) Writing Quality:
Spelling (correct spelling is critically important) (use a dictionary or spelling & grammar check in Word)
Word Usage (its, its, there, their, theyre)
Number Usage (five products, 175 employees, $1.5 million in sales)
Apostrophe Usage (Wilsons products, Starbucks sales)
Punctuation (… , ; .)
Sentence Structure (less than 20-25 words per sentence is best)
Paragraph Structure (8-12 lines per paragraph is best)
Cover Page: Your name, this course, date, My name

Body of Text: Cover each of the areas listed in the Final Project overview.

Getting the appointment
Follow up

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