Final Reflection

Please reflect on the following prompt and the supplementary materials, and produce either a paper or a video essa yin response:Using at least four of the philosophers weve read this semester, make an argument for or against the view that you should declare a minor, major, or second major in philosophy at UHD.
The 12 philosophers weve read are: Plato, Seneca, Epictetus, Montaigne, Emerson, Thoreau, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Beauvoir, Fanon, West, and Lugones.In addition tot he four thinkers you use in making your argument, please familiarize yourself with the supplementary materials on studying philosophy included on Blackboard (in the Final Reflection folder, under the heading, Reflecting on Philosophy), and use any of them that seem useful to you in your reflection, as well.You may submit this assignment either as a written philosophy paper or as a recorded video essay.The goal of a philosophy reflectionis to present your own considered and clearly articulated beliefs alongside your understanding of the material we have read in the course. To that end, please be sure it is always clear whose views are being expressedyours or one of the authors whose works have been assigned. Be sure to address yourself not only to an answer to the question, but also to providing your reader with an account of why you believe your answer to be correct. What are your reasons for taking one position or another? On what basis do you say the things you say about the readings? In order to justify the claims in your paper to your reader, when discussing material from the readingsyou mustoffer supportfor your claims with quotations from the text. Quotations areabsolutely required. Reflectionsthat use no direct quotationsto support the claims they make about the readings willreceive an F; those that quote only 1-3 of the thinkers discussed in the reflectionwill not receive a grade higher than C.Please do not consult any sources or resources other than the assigned readingsor supplementary materials. Any reflectionthat quotes from any othersourcewill receive a substantial grade penalty;any reflectionwhich copies or relies uponanother source without citationwill receive a failing grade and its author will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary procedures, detailed in the UHD Academic Honesty Policy(or in the UHD Student Handbook).If a writtenpaper: The reflectionshould be4-5pageslong, typed and double-spaced. Usean 11-or 12-point fontwith reasonable margins.  Citations should be in either the MLA or Chicago Manual of Style formats (information on both of which is available on the UHD Library website, under the heading, Citing Sources), and as such must give full bibliographical information for the textin either a works cited (MLA) or bibliographical footnotes (Chicago). Quotationsshould be set off from the rest of the paper (typically by quotation marks), andyou shouldcite the page numbers in the text where the quoted passage appears.If a video recording: The reflection should be 8-12 minutes long, and include quotations (clearly indicated as such in y

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