Final Paper(166)

This paper is an individual assignment, to allow you to reflect on your team project experience. Aim for about 1000 words (4 double-spaced pages). The assignment has three parts.

Part one: review your industry and your stakeholder role. What were the main issues from your perspective and the government interventions you thought would best serve your stakeholder interests? What did your team decide were the key interests and proposals? How were they the same or different? (4 points)

Part two: think about the other industry teams. Of all the teams, which did you think had the most compelling recommendations? Which surprised you and presented information and perspectives you hadn’t thought about before? (3 points)

Part three: process evaluation. How was the experience for you? What worked well for your team and what was challenging? If I offer this exercise in a future class, how could I change it to be more successful? (2 points)

One point for overall quality of the paper.

I am the group 10

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