Use the terms learned to write this essay, all the meaning of the terms are in media study field.

don’t write it too complex!!

For your cumulative writing assignment, you are asked to create a cohesive essay that serves as an introduction to media studies via the topics weve covered throughout the semester. One way to do this is to act as though you are the author of a media studies textbookhowever, this is only one of many ways in which this could be accomplished. The bulk of the text for this assignment will be made up of the chapter assignments you have written throughout the semester. In addition to the texts that you pull from your chapter assignments, you are asked to write an introduction, conclusion, and transitions between each of the assignments. Your introduction (2 pages) will introduce readers to the field and to the concepts youll be covering in the text. Your conclusion (1-2 pages) will summarize the key concepts from your text and highlight what you think are the most important ideas for readers to understand. The transitions you write between chapter assignments will draw readers from one section to the next and should help readers see the threads that connect the various areas of media studies covered in this class.
All pre-existing assignment feedback should be incorporated into your revised chapters. Your writing will be graded according to the same criteria used to grade your assignments.
Assignment text should not explicitly refer back to the prompts found in theeTextbook.
o The first rule of the assignment is not to talk about the assignment.
o The second rule of the assignment is to act as though your reader has not read the
Your writing must be expository and demonstrate deep engagement with the readings and
other materials covered in the course.
o The requirements for all previous assignments must continue to be fulfilled
Your transitions should smoothly connect one assignment to the other. Typically, transitions should include at least three sentences.
You must give your paper a title.
All sourcesincluding the textbookmust be cited using either APA, MLA,
Chicago, or Turabian guidelines, both in-text and with a bibliography at the end of the essay.
Grading Criteria
You will be graded based on the following criteria:

Coherence of writing, as outlined in the above requirements and enforced on previous assignments
A strong thesis and/or argument related to media studies in general that is carried throughout the entirety of the paper
Incorporation of previously-given feedback Introduction and conclusion lengths (as above) Length of each section (at least 350 words per section) Engagement with key course concepts
Smoothness of transitions

terms learned:
-Glass ceiling
-Individual level of analysis -Organizational level of analysis -Institutional level of analysis -Encoding

Political Economy
Culture Industry
Commodification Spatialization/ContemporaryGlobalization Structuration
Vertical Integration Horizontal Integration Neoliberalism
Content Analysis Correlation
Percentage Operationalized Intercoder Reliability Symbolic Annihilation Representational Analysis Encoding
Decoding Genre

Dominant Reading
Negotiated/Resistant Reading
Correlation A
lternative Media
Niche Market
Dialogic Model
Participatory Media
Community Media

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