Film noir/ neo Noir

5 pages are already done . More needs to be added on to it

with the understanding that you will add on to this essay a discussion of the continuum or disruption of film noir represented by neo noir. The final paper is meant to be 10 pages total. 

Once you provide additional analysis of neo noir, per Essay 2 Instructions (Option 1), I will give you a final grade on Essay 1 based on the first part of this essay and a final grade on the paper overall (Essay 2 grade), to include a discussion of neo noir.  Final drafts are graded.

You’ll find instructions in Assignments.

Develop your first essay into a longer essay by comparing elements of film noir and neo noir.  For example, if you wrote about femme fatales Phyllis Dietrichson and Cora Smith in the first essay, you could expand your essay to include later noir women, such as Daphne Monet and Jackie Brown.  (Feel free to write about other noir women in films such as Out of the Past, Detour, Memento, One False Move, Bound, and The Last Seduction, although the last three are not posted or linked on Blackboard.)  You can keep much of your original essay, but you would need to revise the introduction, body, and conclusion to show that your focus is now inclusive of neo noir.  Some ideas for expanding Essay 1:  Explore the context for both 1940s and 1990s films.  What is different about these two eras in terms of gender roles, and how do those differences affect filmmaking and womens representation? Another approach is to show how womens representation in neo noirs continues the femme fatale tradition, disrupts it, or abandons it altogether.

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