Film Discussion

Todd Breyfogles lecture was presented on February 18, 2016 at the University of Wyoming. Mr. Breyfogle moderates seminars for the Aspen Institute and has published and lectured widely on the great books, political philosophy, theology, literature, and liberal education.

The Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research works to make connections with the discipline of Humanities with citizens world wide.  Share your evaluation of this film in analyzing Mr. Breyfogle’s Vision for the Humanities in the 21st Century and its relevance today.

A Vision for the Humanities in the 21st Century  – Copy/paste the following link:

Watch the film, take notes and then address the assignment.  You must use only evidence from the film.  Do not use internet or other outside sources, as they will not be considered.

Shape your Film Discussion around your interpretation of the film, elaborating on the details that develop your point of view.  To do this as youre viewing the film, you will need to time stamp any line, quote or information from the film that you are using in your response.  (e.g., 0:32).

This becomes the reference source for your readers to locate it in the film.  It is also this time locator that offers supporting evidence as having viewed the video. As such, the Discussion assignment will only receive credit on those responses that contain the appropriate time stamp.  IF the time stamp for information used is not listed, a grade of zero will apply to this assignment.

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