Fastlink Training Brief

The Bell and Martin (2012) required reading contains a brief case study for the hypothetical company, Fastlink. Read the case study on pages 111 and 112 carefully.

Assume that you are F. Smith, Fastlink’s president. When you hired J. Parson as the customer care director you intuited that this hire would be the one to turn around the disastrous performance of Fastlinks’ call center. The call center success is one that other Fastlink Directors could learn from. As President, you want to provide training/learning opportunities for all managers and hope that the successes can be replicated in other areas of Fastlink. But first, you must understand what strategies and tactics most influenced the turnaround.

You (as Smith) have been doing some critical thinking about Parson’s hiring process, communication style, and managerial communication skills. To guide your thinking, you have compiled the following questions:

Was there anything in my management style that impacted my decision to hire Joe?
Was there anything in the hiring process that influenced the way that Joe tackled the new role?
What is Joe’s likely communication style, and how did he use that style to the company’s advantage?
How did managerial communication play a major role in Joe’s turnaround strategy?
What general management areas needed attention?
What made the biggest impact on the call center? Why?
Now, prepare a briefing document for an upcoming meeting with the director of learning/training and staff. Include an introduction, substantiated answers to the questions, and a concluding statement that you want to leave with the learning professionals.

Include four scholarly references in addition to the attachments.

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