Fast Fashion waste problem

write about fast fashion waste problem .
i have abstract and outline you can use to drive u in right track.

Essays should focus on a specific environmental problem (fast fashion waste) , and clearly discuss how a political ecology framework understands that problem and proposes solutions to it, and how that is different from  other  common  frameworks  to  understand  and  propose  solutions  for  that  problem. You can select any environmental problem, and any competing frameworks to discuss alongside political  ecology. At  least  five academic references are required.Additional references (journalistic sources, etc.) can also be included.
Is it a problem of overproduction? Consumer habits? be specific. And then there’s the political ecology way to understand the problem, what is it? You suggest possible solutions might be increased taxes and waste disposal policies but argue these bring unintended consequences including increasing the company’s environmental impact. So you include additional solutions: change consumer behavior and promote consumer sensitivity, but how does that resolve the mass production of fashion?

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