Overall target market segment: Your retailer will represent one of the following segments:

Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z
Identify which generational cohort your retailer is trying to appeal to. What are this cohorts characteristics? Why is this cohort an important one for retailers?
You must provide facts and figures that correlate to this cohort.
Demographics and lifestyles of the specific consumer of your retailer. How does this person spend their time and money? What is important to THIS SPECIFIC consumer segment?  ( Use X4 model on page 2)

Actors: the people in their lives, their circle, and how it influences them.
Activities: the things they do in their daily life
Atmosphere the places they like to go
Artifacts: the things they have

Their motives, shopping attitudes & behavior. What drives this specific consumer?

The retailer I chose is Madewell
I attached what I have started below:

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