Famous or infamous person addicted to drugs

Choose a person who has been involved with drugs, alcohol or both.  This person can be dead or alive, famous of infamous.  Tell us about their life: What was their drug(s) of choice?  How old were they when they became addicted? Did they die?  How old were they when they passed away?  What was the family of origin like?  Was there a history of drug or alcohol abuse?  How did their addiction affect their lives?  Did it affect their home life?  Family?  Work?  Did it destroy them or did they recover?  How did they recover?  It is best to choose someone we all have heard of, although that is not a requirement.  Your presentation should be about 15 minutes long and a hard copy of the presentation or a fact sheet should be handed in to me to grade.  You can use PowerPoint, guest speakers or any other visual aide that will help you make a good and powerful presentation.

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