Family Partnership Policy

Instructions for the week 1 portion of assignment:
This small assignment/activity will be revisited and used in an ongoing way in this class as you work on and complete your Family Partnership Policy (don’t worry about those details yet though!).  Make sure to save your FSC Profile document on your computer (in your folder for this class) so that you can find it again!

You have explored the benefits of and the barriers to authentic family engagement in this weeks readings.  Now I want you to think about what you have learned within the context of a very specific community.  For this assignment I want you to identify a REAL community that is either located in the state of Michigan or within the state/region where you currently live and work.  Consider this an opportunity to learn more about a place where you might like to work in the future or at least a place that shares characteristics with a place where you might like to (or already do) work.  What are the strengths of that community/district?  What resources are available?  What needs exist?

As you name and describe this community/district in your Profile, include current data and demographics including socioeconomic and cultural make-up of the community.  You should use online resources in order to gather the most current data and information.  Also, as you identify strengths, resources and needs, please address these three categories as they apply to young children, their families, teachers, the early childhood program/school, and the community.

Being thorough and detail oriented here, will help you later.

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