Fable Analysis

Choose one fable from the ancient fable selections (Aesop, Hesiod, Bidpai, Africa and North America fables) and analyze the main conflict or competing beliefs in the story. What belief or ideals do the animals seem to represent? What image of the culture can be perceived from these competing beliefs/conflicts? How did you interpret the moral at the end? What arises from the dynamic between the characters? ( You do not have to answer all the questions. These are there to just help you with your thoughts.)

The first sentence should state your thesis and answer the question: What is the main conflict or competing beliefs? Bring in textual evidence (direct quotes, you may cite Propp as well) to support your points.may choose to analyze the animals and any other metaphors, the structure of the story, etc. The rest should be a well-developed nuanced analysis in 1-2 paragraphs (400-500 words).

Make sure to follow the paper format on “Good Examples Canvas Posts” guide found on Canvas (Files or Modules) to not lose any points (i.e. include name, title, word count in parenthese between 400-500). Please either cut/paste, upload a Word or PDF document. Canvas has problems uploading Pages. Always save a copy of your paper somewhere in case of technological error!

Due Friday 4/9 10pm. No late papers will be accepted without a doctor’s note.

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