Executive and Company Summary

Assignment Details

You recently graduated and have been hired by the company chosen in your discussion. Your first task is to take a thorough view of the companys existing operations and begin the formation of a business plan.

For the Capstone Project Unit 1 Executive Summary and Company Summary, complete the following tasks:

A.    Executive Summary
  1.    Company Name
  2.    Mission Statement
  3.    Business Goals
  4.    Keys to Success
  5.    Ethical and Legal Issues

B.    Company Summary
  1.    Company Ownership or Legal Entity
  2.    Management Structure
  3.    Products and Services
  4.    Location and Facilities
  5.    Suppliers
  6.    Service
  7.    Financial Management

The submission details are as follows:
    Based on your research, write succinct analyses of each of the items.
    Present your work as a 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.
    Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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