Evidence Critique

This is part 3 of your evidence-based practice project.
In this assignment, you will refer to the attached literature review, as this assignment will build upon it.
For this assignment, you will re-review your three reference articles used for the literature review. Then, you will write a paper on the following (be sure to include the content from the literature review).

For each of the three articles, please discuss the following in your paper:
    Research design of the study
    Threats to external/internal validity
    Potential legal/ethical issues within the article
    Data analysis (be sure to elaborate on this more from your paper in week 4, providing specifics about the results)
    Implications for evidence-based practice and how this article could be used to make an evidence-based change.
    Conclusion/summary of the evidence
Remember to support your ideas with the references previously used. Be sure to use a narrative format.
In addition, you must follow APA guidelines, providing a title page, reference page, appendix, and in-text citations, as well as use level headings to match the assignment criteria listed above.
Please use, at minimum three scholarly references, and your paper should be 500-700 words, excluding title and reference pages.


Behenck, A. D. S., Wesner, A. C., Guimaraes, L. S. P., Manfro, G. G., Dreher, C. B., & Heldt, E. (2021). Anxiety Sensitivity and panic disorder: evaluation of the impact of cognitive-behavioral group therapy. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 42(2), 112-118.

Bomyea, J., Ball, T. M., Simmons, A. N., Campbell-Sills, L., Paulus, M. P., & Stein, M. B. (2020). Change in neural response during emotion regulation is associated with symptom reduction in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders. Journal of Affective Disorders.

Halaj, A., Yekutiel, N., Strauss, A. Y., & Huppert, J. D. (2019). Utilization of learned skills in cognitive behavioural therapy for panic disorder. Behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy, 47(6), 645-658.

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