evidence-based decisions

Part of credibility involves making evidence-based decisions. As a business professional and leader, you will be expected to analyze a situation, see what others have learned and said about similar situations, and look for solutions that build on that knowledge or are steeped in research.

It is important to recognize that sometimes we have incomplete information or we make mistakes. As you learned from the discussion resources, not everyone thinks that evidence-based leading is the best approach, and too often people think they have to follow a very set approach because they are afraid of trial and error. Part of critical thinking involves looking at opposing views and creating your own knowledge by combining different ideas together in new ways.

Consider these varied view points as you complete this discussion.

Discussion Instructions
Find an article about leadership in the Wall Street Journal or another professional journal in the Capella library. Your focus, as you read the article, should be on the authors use of (or failure to use) evidence-based decision making or effective supporting sources. You might find an article that discusses a decision that was or was not evidence based, or you may critique the article itself and the authors use of supporting evidence. Using the article you find, do the following:

Provide the APA citation for the article.
Briefly summarize the article (one short paragraph).
Explain how the author’s use of source material affects his or her credibility. Use the concepts from the discussion resources to support your comments.
Be sure that all of your citations and references follow APA guidelines.

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