Everyday Use by Alice Walker

For this essay, you will be constructing an argumentative essay. An essay is a relatively short written composition that articulates, supports, and develops an idea or claim (an argument). Explaining in this case entails both analysis (breaking the complex thing down into its parts and showing how they work together to form a meaningful whole) and argument (working to convince someone that the analysis is valid). In an essay about literature, the literary work is the complex thing that you are helping a reader to better understand. The essay needs to show the reader a particular way to understand the work, to interpret or read it. The purpose of this research essay is to provide a specific interpretation of your chosen literature and its larger significance using textual evidence and 2-3 outside sources (no websites). JSTOR and EBSCO 2-3 journal articles or book chapters  Published within the last 7 years.

What (subject) + How (how you plan to examine the subject) + Why (significance of your argument)
Thesis: The thesis statement is a roadmap for your essay. It should appear (1-2 sentences) at the end of your introduction.
Topic Sentences: Topic sentences are the first sentences of each body paragraph (except the introduction) that states the significance of the main idea you explore in the paragraph.

. 5-6 full pages (excluding Works Cited page), 12 pt, Times Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins.

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