Every eligible person should vote in all local, state, and national elections. Agree or disagree.

The lead-in is interesting, relevant, and states importance of issue.
The thesis clearly states the writers position on the issue.
The essay gives at least two, major, well-developed points of argument. (Essay is more than 650 words because of strong development.)
The essay does not include any logical fallacies; the argument makes sense.
The essay addresses at least two counter-arguments; the strongest point(s) of opposition is/are clearly stated.
There is convincing refutation or accommodation of each counter-argument; the writer makes it clear that his or her side is better than the oppositions.
The writer has considered the emotions and values of the audience, establishes credibility, and has taken care not to alienate or offend the audience.
The essay is well-organized and easy to follow.
The essay is virtually free of grammar and usage errors.
The essay uses properly documented material in MLA format from TWO credible secondary sources provided in the unit. 
The essay includes a properly formatted Works Cited page and the in-text citations clearly match the Works Cited entries.

The B essay demonstrates clear overall proficiency, and it presents strong arguments that properly refute the stated counter-arguments, but it demonstrates SLIGHT weaknesses in two of the numbered elements that make it fall short of overall excellence.
The C essay is average.  It demonstrates understanding of the elements of argument and does address counterargument, but it may have clear weaknesses in three of the numbered elements.

TheD essay is below average. It demonstrates significant weaknesses related to the elements of argument and /or may be lacking some of the required elements. A two essay may have distracting weaknesses in four of the numbered elements. An essay that may otherwise be in the upper tier but that does not demonstrate a basic grasp of properly incorporating and documenting sources may earn a D.

The F essay is well below average.  It demonstrates significant, distracting or confusing weaknesses in more than four of the numbered elements. An essay that includes a significant amount of undocumented secondary source material or that is significantly underdeveloped or incomplete may also earn an F. An essay without a Works Cited page can not earn higher than an F.

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