evaluation paper

Description Formatting Length: 2-3 pages Spacing: Double spaced Margins: 1 inch Font: Times New Roman 12 pt. font Title page: separate title page that is your first page containing your name, Montclair State University, the course name and number, the instructors name (Professor Kaplun), and the due date of the assignment. It should be centered in the middle of the first page and it does not count towards the page count.  Description of Assignment You will have to locate a peer-reviewed journal article that is related to justice in any way and utilizes one of the five statistical techniques covered in this class (Chi-square test of independence, T-tests, ANOVA, correlation, or regression) and evaluate this study. Choose a topic that you are interested in. The evaluation should:  1. Introduce the study a brief description of what you are evaluating 2. Identify the research question(s) for the study 3. Identify any associated hypotheses  4. Identify the data used in the study  5. Identify the statistical technique(s) utilized in the study  6. Evaluate whether the statistical technique is appropriate for the study. Explain why whether it is appropriate or not appropriate.  7. Identify the main conclusions of the study. Be sure to explain.  8. Identify any limitations of the study and other factors that can affect or are important to consider. Be sure to explain.  9. Conclude the paper.

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