Ethics paper

Ethical Considerations in Leisure and Recreation (2 pages). Page count does not include title page (required) and reference page

Using the links below please review the codes of conduct highlighted for your concentration. Your paper should address the following questions/items:

1) What does ethics mean to you? Why is it important for organizations to have a code of ethics?

2)Identify your concentration/Major from the list below and click on the supplied link.  Choose three principles/code of ethics – discuss why they are important, and provide an example of an ethical issue you might confront as a professional related to one of the three principles.

3)Discuss either how you have handled a similar situation or how you would handle it ethically.

25 points.

Therapeutic Recreation
ATRA Code of Ethics

Sports Management
NASSM- Ethical Creed

Community Recreation
NRPA- Code of Ethics

National After-School Association

Boys & Girls Club of America

Child Life
Cite the website properly both within and at the end of the paper using APA formatting
You do NOT have to cite additional sources

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