Ethics and Social Justice

As part of your assignment, you will assume the role of an investigative journalist working on an article about the situation of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Using course materials (assigned readings, videos, short class readings) as sources, you will interview experts and religious leaders (at least four) to analyze the opinions and rationalizations they provide for their particular response to the issue

Using your knowledge of the various approaches to morals, ethics, and justice (Divine Command theory, libertarianism, utilitarianism, the fairness principle, etc.), consider the motivations of religious groups who favor immigration reform and more humane treatment of immigrants/migrants. What are the moral rationalizations they use to support their cause? What are the ethical implications of their support (think short-term and long-term advantages and consequences, who is benefiting, who is losing out, who stands to gain, what do they stand to gain, whose rights and liberties are they prioritizing, etc.)?

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