Ethical position on abortion

Dear Class,

The Final Paper will go as follow:

Students will write a 2 pages essay analyzing one of the topics addressed on the Contemporary issues: Human Rights spectrum. 

The student will be free to choose any of the topics discussed as well as the moral/ethical approaches discussed.

The assignment will test the ability to analyze in depth these complex matters, not just understanding the social and political impact of the topic but also on the ability to express clearly the ability to make strong and evidenced arguments of the student.

The writing will be evaluated for clarity and proper handling of terms, phrases, and concepts addressed up to this date. APA style will be required

1. First Page: Description of the problem (statistics, fact, description of the problem selected: Abortion, Death Penalty, Immigration, Legalization of weed, Environmental issues, etc.

2. Second Page: YOUR ETHICAL POSITION, Why do you think what you think? Do you have an ethical dilemma about it? Has your ethical position changed in any way? If your religous beliefs have influenced your ethical position you can designate ONE paragraph to explain so, but not more than one paragraph, since this class is Ethics and not Theology.

3. Third Page: REFERENCES: You will need at least one (either the info of the ppt or the source that you used when described the problem)

This assignment will constitute 25 points of students final grade.

Due Dates 04/23/21 – 04/24/21 

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