Ethical Humanitarian Issues in Emergency Service Management

Write a paper, no less than 1500 words, discussing the ethical treatment of socially vulnerable people during emergency situations. This paper requires a two-prong approach. First review chapter 3 of your textbook (page 35 to 48 and evaluate your organizations communications plan. Second, explore topics that help us understand and address societal challenges such as homelessness, the elderly, citizens who speak a second language, race relations, attitude formation, behavior change, aggression, prejudice, violations of human and civil rights, violence, abuse. You only need to pick one or two of these vulnerable groups and how you would communicate with them in an emergency.
The paper is to be in APA format and word count does not include, your title, abstract or reference pages. Also, you will find several handouts posted in the main page of your 3-unit class that you can use to prepare for this assignment. These handouts provide instructions for formatting academic papers pursuant to APA guidelines. The handouts are located in the content section under course resources (materials), which are listed below week 8. You are required to do your own research and use one outside references in your final paper.
Please review the directions for the reference page to assist you with this assignment.  Remember to include your abstract and your reference page as part of your final paper.

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