Essay on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Throughout Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness “darkness” is symbolic, interpreted and reinterpreted again and again by the author. In your essay argue for an interpretation of “darkness” that inverts our typical notions of “darkness” as wrong/evil/unseen. Consider how Conrad uses his extended metaphor to draw attention to what is not “darkness” and the moral implication of Conrad’s critique. Essays addressing this option might do well to answer the question, “How does Conrad make use of ‘darkness’ as a source of illumination for human morality and societal mores?”
Essay Should:
-be thesis driven with introduction, body, and supporting paragraphs
-contain evidence (meaning quotes) to prove assertions
be written in MLA format with 12pt Times New Roman font and 1″ margins
-have a works cited page
-be three to four pages in length

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