Essay about a book

Hey there it’s me again I got an assignment done from you earlier this week, the assignment was really good but it was submitted late so this time I want to to start ahead of time. I have an essay due on April 7 by 8 am and I want to get it done by you but you will have to read a book for that the book is called The Handmaid’s Tale the essay should be 3 full pages typed (not including the works cited) and can you please make sure that the MLA works cited is just perfect. He told us that he will know if someone just went online and read summaries for this assignment  I will provide all the information that he sent to us. I TRUST YOU WITH THIS, MY GRADE IS A C right now. Just make sure you read all of it carefully. I want a perfect score so my grade will go up I will forever be thankful… And I don’t know how to provide you the book.

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