Environmental and Employment Solutions

We have tried to look at what is taking place in our environment and economy from many different view points. We have looked at those who said we need to continue to use fossil fuels, those who say we need to get away from all fossil fuels, and those trying to find alternative sources of energy.

For this assignment what I would like you to try and do is be a problem solver. The problem is helping us have clean air, water, oceans, and environment while at the same time providing jobs to working families (many coming from the oil, gas and coal industries). You can not just say ” give them a green job” that is a political answer not a solution. What does the solution actually look like? How many jobs can be created? (show me evidence) what types of jobs can be provided? Are these jobs long term or short term? I want you to do your best to solve the problem of where our energy will be coming from in the future. At the same time, what can be done to help the economy and make sure people are working and providing for their families? Be creative and do some of your own research to be a problem solver.

What I would like is ONE FULL PAGE of writing using an 11 pt font and no more than double spaced. I want MINIMUM OF THREE SOURCES for your research and information. This should be on a separate page.

Tell me how we are going to clean up the environment, where the future is, and how we are going to provide jobs for people all at the same time.

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