Q1. complete the story and title your story. (550words)

1. introduces at least two characters who matter to each other (who know each other);
2. depicts a clear setting with concrete details;
3. introduces some kind of dramatic tension or conflict happening between your characters.
4. The time frame in the story shouldn’t exceed a day or two (like in the Alexie, O’Connor, and Carver stories. Keep your time frame short as this increases tension)
5. The conflict needs to be resolved. There should be a clear beginning, middle, and end.
6. The main character needs to have changed or altered–lost or gained something–from the beginning.
7. Refer to peer’s feedback.

Q1-1. At the end of your story, I’d like you to write a short paragraph about what you changed and why from the first draft. You might include any peer edits, help from OWL, etc, as evidence for your changes. (50words)

Q2. Post your summary of F (100words)

1. Authors name + Title of the text

2. Main topic of text is paraphrased (Topic is the literal, concrete sequence of events)

3. Main purpose of text is paraphrased (Purpose is what the story’s themes are)

4. Summary is 2-4 sentences long

5. Summary is in your own words (no quotations)

6. Vivid and precise verbs & transitions are used

7. Proofread

8. An author is always referred to by their last name (Gilman) not first (Charlotte)

Q2-2. let’s think about why the fight scene isn’t shown. How would the story be different if it was in there? Why does Murakami leave it out?

To do this, we can analyze the tension between the realistic and magical realistic elements in the story. This story is both a literary story and it has elements of genre fiction (more on this in the outline). What’s the effect of placing some of the surreal elements (Frog, Worm) into an ordinary setting (Katagiri’s character, his house, his job)?

Be sure to do some citing from the text. (100words)

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