Effectiveness of YouTube advertising on consumer purchasing behavior

Topic “Effectiveness of YouTube advertising on consumer purchasing behavior”

Submit a 1-3 sentence working thesis statement or research question for the final project and the following:

Why is this an important issue, who will want to know this, and why will they want to know it.  What would their stance on the topic be prior to reading your paper or listening to your presentation and what their stance would be after reading or listening to your presentation.  Also what type of sources do you think you should include, if you were going to do research?

If your final project is based on a Ted Talk, watch the Ted Talk first. You probably want to do some background reading on any topic you’ve chosen before you attempt to write a thesis statement or research question. P

Read the review over Research Questions and watch the “Beginning Research” powerpoint for information on writing a good, narrow thesis statement.

You also use the “Thesis Statment Worksheet” to help you with this assignment

Please let me know if you have any other question

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