Economics in the News Written Report


Identify an article in a reputable news source that describes
An economic, political, social, environmental (etc.) situation
An economic or business decision that already has been made by a firm
Then, as if you are the manager of a firm, provide a written summary of:
A potential (i.e., imagined) decision that your firm might make in response to this situation
The actual decision
Throughout your written summary, it should be clear which concepts/topics from class are represented in the article.
Use the six steps for decision making (from Module/Chapter 1) to frame your summary.
Then, using graphs to model the situation, the decision, and the alternative decisions, provide analysis of the implications of either:
An alternative decision that the firm could possibly make
An alternative decision that the firm could possibly have made

What to Include

2-3 page report
Report should include a combination of text and the graphs, not to exceed 3 pages total
There is no requirement (minimum or maximum) about the number of graphs; however, if including just one graph, it must represent at least one change. One static graph representing the situation is not sufficient! (See examples below.)
A pdf of the article you used
A stable/permanent link to the article included at the top of your report

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