Write a paper summarizing the macroeconomic strategies, goals, and methods used to help get us out of the 2007-2009 crisis; fiscal and monetary policies. Summarize what our fiscal and monetary policies were during this 10-year period of slow, but pretty steady growth.
And, then delve into our current crisis brought on by the world-wide C-19 pandemic. What fiscal and monetary action has been taken in the last 12-13 months to combat the current economic downturn? Explain the economic reasoning for these macroeconomic policies?

Provide good accurate data, and relate your discussion using the material and terminology from chapters 6-15. To help spur your thinking Whats happened with the Price Level (inflation)? Whats happened with Unemployment & Wages, and GDP growth?
Graphs and charts help explain the macroeconomic picture.
At the end of the paper, give your assessment on whether the current policies will be successful or not.
Cite your sources.  Paper Due by Fri May 7.

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