East Asian Econimics

Please answer TWO of the following questions. Each response should be roughly 600-800 words.

1.Discuss how regional production networks (RPNs) have affected the Chinese economy.  How have patterns of trade and FDI been affected by the development of RPNs?  What effects have they had on patterns of growth, division of labor, changes in productivity, etc.?

2.Discuss Chinas transition to a market economy from 1978-96.  What were the respective roles of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), township and village enterprises (TVEs), and private and foreign firms?  Please reference growing out of the plan, reform without (and with) losers, and grasping the large, letting the small go.

3.Will China be able to surmount the middle-income trap? Why has Chinese growth slowed over the last 10 years? What is the evidence that China may be in the midst of the middle-income trap? What are some of the policy measures that the country is using to surmount the trap and break into the ranks of the high-income economies? Do you think that China will succeed? Why or why not?

use , The Chinese Economy: Adaptation and Growth (2nd edition) as source

book link: https://books.google.com.hk/books?id=_WFSDwAAQBAJ&lpg=PR5&ots=Wf4vIeH8Y9&dq=Barry%20Naughton%2C%20The%20Chinese%20Economy%3A%20Adaptation%20and%20Growth%20(2nd%20edition).%20Cambridge&lr&hl=zh-CN&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q=Barry%20Naughton,%20The%20Chinese%20Economy:%20Adaptation%20and%20Growth%20(2nd%20edition).%20Cambridge&f=false

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