Earths Enviorments (Geography)

Part I. Plate Tectonics

    1. Briefly list or sketch and label the layers that make up the Earth from the interior (core) to the surface (crust), and describe the key characteristics of each. 

    2. What causes the Earths crust to move?

    3. Briefly explain the main characteristics of continental crust and oceanic crust.  How do they differ?

    4. Explain what happens to the crustal plates (oceanic and/or continental), what     landforms/tectonic activities result, and give a real-world location as an example for     each of the following plate interactions:

    a. oceanic/oceanic plate divergence
    b. continental/continental plate divergence
    c. continental/continental plate convergence
    d. oceanic/continental convergence

    5. Briefly describe the pattern of locations of earthquakes and volcanoes.  How might you explain this pattern to someone who does not yet know about plate tectonics?

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