Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Learn about the following policy that has been implemented by a growing number of states: drug testing welfare beneficiaries to determine qualification for benefits. Choose reputable sources to learn about how the policy works. Then, analyze how well you think the policy meets the following policy criterion and explain your analysis, citing your sources.
-Describe the nature of the problem that the policy is attempting to address. Be specific.
-Evaluate this policy (drug testing) using several policy criteria:
    -Effectiveness: What are the goals of this policy?  Will the drug testing program be effective at accomplishing these goals? Has it been shown effective in any state?
    -Efficiency: How costly is this program to implement and enforce? Discuss the costs and effectiveness or benefits of this policy.
    -Equity: Does this policy treat people fairly?
    -Liberty: Does this policy infringe on any rights? Does it unduly restrict freedom?
    -Political Feasibility: Are there political forces that lend support or opposition to this bill? Which political party tends to favor this policy? Does it have the support to enact it?
    -Social Acceptability: What is public opinion on this policy?

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